The COVID-19 pandemic persists in impacting couples planning their weddings. Despite the progress achieved in the fight against the pandemic, more and more couples have cancelled or postponed their wedding celebrations early this year.

“Despite the lifting of lockdown restrictions, many couples are still scrambling to organize their ideal weddings in the backdrop of imposed delays and cancellations. Couples are also worried about the impact of gatherings and how to maintain social distancing,” says relationship and dating coach Greyson Piper of Pickup Line.

In line with these, we’ve explored what post-pandemic weddings may look and feel like to help you drive through these bumpy roads, whether you’re newly engaged, delaying your marriage, or modifying your arrangements due to Covid-19.

Weddings Are Smaller And More Intimate

A short guest list will remain relevant even after the pandemic has passed. Having an extensive guest list will be a relic of the past. With fewer guest numbers, as couples have realized, the allotment of their invested resources may go into other things that they would have had to forgo or cut down dramatically to cater for more extensive guest lists.

Outdoor Wedding Receptions Will Be Popular

Even if health authorities give us the green light to have bigger events inside, locations with outdoor access will remain in high demand. Since we’ve all been in different types of lockdown and quarantine this year, we’ve learned to value outside space and not be limited to typical spaces like dining halls. Couples will become keener than ever before to get some al fresco element to their wedding.

No More Family-Style Meals

Many of the things we learned about food service during the pandemic will still be necessary in a world after COVID. When it comes to eating together, newlyweds should avoid family-style meals and prefer plated or buffet options that minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Furthermore, food service workers may follow tighter mask and glove-wearing standards since it has been demonstrated to significantly minimize the spread of viruses other than COVID

Preparations And Ceremonies With A Digital Twist

During the lockdown, weddings adopted a digital approach, and couples’ interest in incorporating technology in weddings grew. Virtual bridal consultations and online venue tours have become more common as wedding planners adapt to the ‘new normal,’ making wedding preparation more straightforward for future brides and grooms.

Previously, only celebrities and nobility could live stream their wedding. Still, thanks to innovative technological platforms like Skype, Teams, and Zoom, loved ones can now virtually participate on the big day.

What Does This Mean If You’re Planning Your Wedding?

The growing emotional responses you may be feeling when planning your wedding post COVID are understandable. According to research, two out of three couples claimed they were “stressed” throughout the planning phase in 2020. Moreover, half of those polled said they were “overwhelmed,” and another 54% described themselves as “uncertain.” Thus, it’s critical to understand what’s required before moving further. Consider the following tips;

● Make use of wedding websites.
● Schedule your pre-wedding activities
● Add a virtual element to your wedding
● Keep an open mind when it comes to dates.
● You should include measures for health and safety.
● Arrange a meeting with a professional wedding planners

#LoveAfterCorona—Get Ready To Celebrate!

Your loved ones probably long to see you, so imagine how memorable the moment will be when they attend your wedding after COVID.

Naif Productions—New York City’s Best Event and Wedding Planner, helps couples prepare ahead for their weddings. We work hard so that you’ll need not worry about COVID protocols at your wedding. Instead, enjoy getting showered with petals and walking down the aisle together.
Look forward to enjoying a toast at your wedding reception, eating a delicious meal, and reminiscing on your wedding day memories forever. There are still silver linings to weddings even after the pandemic.

Contact us, and we will help you appreciate the valuable power of being united in love.

This article was written by Eliza Kennedy.

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