Virtual & Hybrid Events


Virtual & Hybrid Events

Are you looking to take your LIVE event to a virtual or hybrid platform but have no idea where to start?

Are you interested in hosting your first virtual or hybrid event?

We can help you produce a fun, engaging, educational, and profitable virtual or hybrid event.

Naif Productions is a strategic virtual event planning company based in NYC. We are privileged to work with some of the best companies and individuals in the world to provide virtual and hybrid event planning services.

Our strategic virtual event planning service has helped our clients:

  • realize their true ROI;
  • deliver a purpose-driven payday;
  • create effective product launches;
  • increase brand recognition;
  • build stronger ties with their communities;
  • help reduce employee turnover; and
  • educate high-level executives in new and unique ways.

We work closely with our clients to produce unforgettable events that employees, top clients, Boards of Directors, and other guests will talk about for years.

Our goal is to aid you in creating a virtual event that will allow your attendees to fully absorb your message and have an experience that reflects your brand.

Contact the strategic virtual event planning experts at Naif Productions to produce the virtual event that will exceed your expectations.

We provide a no cost consultation to discuss all your virtual event questions.

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