Planning a corporate event, wedding, and any other occasion in between can be a difficult task that requires balancing many moving pieces. Event planners and professional party organizers are highly sought-after for their ability to manage every aspect of the process. 

A successful gathering requires expertise and seasoned specialists to navigate the unpredictable nature that often takes place when planning events. Event planners offer unique guidance and superior service that streamlines the hosting process. 

Our professional team at Naif Productions can help anyone plan the perfect event that fits any budget and create a one-of-a-kind experience for attendees. 

Broad Areas of Expertise

Food, Beverage, and Catering: From selecting a caterer that’s suited to your event, to finding the right flatware, drinkware, and serveware to complement the theme, we’ll handle all arrangements related to food and beverage services. 

Decorative Accents: Experienced decorators add the finishing touch to any event. We’ll find the perfect candelabra, backdrop, arch, and much more. Adding a chandelier, twinkle lights, or a centerpiece to a celebration or gathering can create an unparalleled ambiance, and our team can help you decide which artistic piece is the best fit for your occasion.  

Party and Event Accessories: Whether you are hosting a wedding, conference, or family reunion, event planners are prepared to make recommendations on which add-ons will turn your ordinary event into a memorable experience. It could be a dance floor, karaoke machine, or even something as simple as a chocolate fountain. 

Tables, Linens, Chairs, and Structures: Choosing the right kind of tables for your event might be trickier than you thought. Event planners will ensure the proper setup in terms of seating arrangements, tents and outdoor structures, and other accessories. 

5 Ways Event Planners Save the Day

  • They work tirelessly to help clients choose items that best serve their events and stay within their budget. They also find themselves often helping clients remember smaller details such as renting additional heavy-duty trash cans or adding a snow cone machine to a family-friendly event. 
  • They’ll even arrange for a way to document the experience. With a rolodex of photographers and videographers often handy, you’ll remember the occasion for years to come.
  • They handle on-the-spot crises. You enjoy yourself while event planners fret the details of the melting ice sculpture, the bartender that’s MIA, and other last-minute, could-be catastrophes that may arise. 
  • You’ll receive an array of connections. Rather than research individual caterers, entertainers, party tent rentals, and other services yourself, event planners have a go-to directory they can use and will oversee the whole shebang. 
  • They’ll be the support system you didn’t know you needed. When it feels like things are falling apart on the big day and you may not make it through, your event planner will often remind you to stay calm, take the practical solution, and guide you through the itinerary without mental exhaustion. 

Event planners are more than just skilled multi-taskers and organizers, they’re guardian angels on some of the most important days of people’s lives, working in the background to ensure things run smoothly and flawlessly.


This article was written in collaboration with Jack Vale from HappyWritersCo.

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About Naif Productions:

Naif Productions is a strategic event planning, design and production firm specializing in corporate, live coaching sales events, social, non-profit, and weddings. Based in New York City, we produce events worldwide from Fortune 500 clients and coaches to families and charities. Naif Productions specializes in helping clients attain their goals, realize return on investment, and achieve the most unique, creative experiences.

About Annette Naif:

Since 1986 Annette Naif has been designing and producing custom events, helping clients create their unique style that translates into a memorable and profitable experience. Annette spent 17 years producing events in the motion picture industry where she helped coordinate numerous productions for film and episodic television programs. Since then Annette’s been running her own event production company, coaching other event planners, teaching an event operations and production course at NYU, and now is the CEO & Creative Director of Naif Productions.

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