Event Management Service


Event Resume

Corporate Clients:

  • ConAgra Foods
  • Canon
  • Federal Express
  • Vistage
  • General Electric
  • Kraft Foods
  • Korn/Ferry International
  • Sandia
  • Baldrica & Company Incorporated
  • URS
  • Arrow Electronics
  • Peak Seven Consulting
  • American Airlines
  • Westfield
  • LEO
  • TEDx
  • Red Carpet Cruises
  • National Speakers
  • Association
  • Cochlear
  • Event Planners Association
  • Rock The World Women’s Conference


Non Profit Clients:

  • Goodwill
  • The Resource Exchange
  • Girl Scouts of American
  • PPP
  • MDS Counseling Center
  • Shelter Box
  • Cheyenne Village
  • The Colorado Springs School
  • Ecumenical Social Ministries
  • Southern Colorado Women’s Chamber ofCommerce
  • The Independence Center
  • Walk to Remember

Concept Development & Branding

Our personalized service helps us understand our clients, their audience and the message. We then craft the optimal way of linking them all together in a remarkable and seamless manner. We understand that to communicate and execute effectively, we need to listen, learn, and support our client’s brand objectives.

Our services include:

  • Event concept: through brainstorming and communication with you, we develop a concept and theme to be applied throughout the event.
  • USP Statement
  • Art direction and design management
  • Event logo
  • Staging design and production
  • Attendee package creation
  • Branded presentation slides
  • Print production
  • Event signage
  • Promotional items and gift bags

Marketing & Communications

Our detailed communication with our clients and their audience is what makes our personalized service so exceptional.

  • Create all materials so to communicate with your audience through multiple touch points.
  • Prepare and send event emails and mail campaigns.
  • Create and implement an advertising campaign.
  • Create and launch a social media campaign.
  • Organize post event surveys and thank-you notes.
  • A customized website to host event details, supply lead generation and handle registration process.
  • Interactive engagement through technology, video production, mobile apps, software devices and social media.
  • Telesales is available at an additional cost.

Audience Development & Recruitment

Our multi-tiered marketing campaigns are designed to reach prospects in

several ways, through many channels, saturating the market for better

results. We have a creative team that can brand your event with

professional designs and on-point content that will grab the attention of


Campaigns can include, but are not limited to:

  • Email blasts to targeted audience
  • Brochure mailing & re-mailing
  • Unique landing pages that are targeted to your campaigns
  • Social media marketing in applicable groups
  • Lead generation on conference site
  • Tweets from key speakers, provoking interaction with prospects
  • Postcard save the date mailing
  • Telesales to targeted prospects
  • PR and media partnerships
  • VIP tickets for sponsors and speakers to distribute

Sponsorship Sales

Successful sponsorship and exhibit sales come from years of experience.

You need a team of people with a great Rolodexes. Sponsors and exhibitor’s goals are to be in front of your audience, our goal is to make sure that they have a good experience.

Sponsors sales include:

  • Develop feasibility analysis of potential business opportunities
  • Create customized plans for developing revenue
  • Determine the best fit for sponsors/exhibitors. Are they speakers, roundtable leaders, hosting dinners/events, participating in open forums, etc.
  • Prepare sponsors benefits packages
  • Create trade show floor plans
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Secure sponsorship
  • Coordinate payments

Site Selection & Contract Negotiation

Site selection if often the most challenging part of the meeting planning process. Choosing the right venue and location is a decision that plays a critical role in the success of an event.

  • Identify appropriate venue, contact their sales people and transmit request for proposal.
  • Handle follow-up questions and communications from the venue.
  • Review proposals, select several options for your approval.
  • Create an easy to follow spreadsheet that allows you to evaluate and compare rates, amenities, concessions, and space.
  • Attend site inspections.
  • Once the venue is selected, we negotiate the food and beverage terms, contract terms, amenities, attrition, cancellation, and clauses that impact your bottom line.
  • Once the contract is signed, we create an event contract summary chart that outlines rates and fees, deadlines, concessions and terms.


  • Participate in calls/meetings for event planning to determine space requirements, space and room set preferences, banquet needs and audiovisual specifications, if applicable.
  • Develop a comprehensive budget and production schedule to ensure your event stays on deadline and on budget.
  • Draft a working agenda to confirm strategic placement of speakers, sales, exercises, and hand-outs.
  • Work with you to strategize your staging and room environment to ensure the event matches your vision.
  • Communicate with venue and vendor, in a clear and concise manner, specifications of the staging guide.
  • Negotiate best possible arrangement and fees with the venue and related vendors (to include signs, printers, printed products, exhibit decorators, transportation, audio/video taping, electrical, internet, as needed).
  • Work with staff and volunteers to ensure clear communication and smooth on-site delivery.
  • Confirm all arrangements prior to event.

We will do all we can to maximize your return on investment.

Onsite Implementation & Crisis Management

Provide professionals experienced in all aspects of event and event planning on-site during meetings.

  • Arrive a full 24-72 hours before the beginning of the event to handle event logistics and assist with setup to help out in any way necessary.
  • Anticipate implementation timelines to ensure timely delivery.
  • Work closely with any outside vendors to ensure seamless delivery.
  • Arrive each morning at least one hour before registration opens to oversee jumpstart of the morning.
  • Track food and beverage consumption throughout the event to ensure best use of food and beverage resources, limit overage, and note behavioral patterns for future events.
  • Ensure the audiovisual equipment is properly set up and working, and immediately resolve any failures, if applicable.
  • Work with you and your team to ensure the event stays on schedule.
  • Be willing to deliver whatever is necessary to create the best possible buying atmosphere for members.
  • Close the event by packing, inventorying and labeling all materials to be shipped for easy reference after the event.

Accurate Post-Event Accounting

  • Track ongoing expenses and provide final accounting to include bill review, and consolidation, and negotiation for the venue and any related vendors.
  • Ensure negotiated hotel concessions, point rewards, hotel rebates and/or commissions get credited to you.
  • Provide final accounting of resource allocation for use in future planning (including room pick-up, final food and beverage consumption, cost analysis, etc.).
  • Offer suggestions for improving the member and speaker experience, maximizing future revenue, and improving leverage in future negotiations.
  • Post-Event debriefing and report.

Post-Event planning is just as important as pre-event planning. We will do everything possible to be sure your bill is accurate. Record-keeping and tracking the post-event specifications offers valuable information that can work for you in future negotiations and program planning — reducing costs and increasing leverage in negotiations. Our clients often find the savings we negotiate more than offsets our fees.

Registration Concierge

The first experience your members have with your event starts with registration. It is critical that check-in be flawless to get the right tone for your event. We can provide registration support to include:

  • Negotiate the best price on registration materials (badges, holders, ribbons, etc.).
  • Oversee printing and proofing of badges for each attendee.
  • Insert badges and apply ribbons to designated special member categories.
  • Design badge friendly invitations, meal cards, and reminders for special events and announcements.
  • Coordinate on-site registration and/or train your in-house staff.
  • Support the registration desk where necessary.
  • Provide on-site support for last minute registrations and charges.
  • Design and service designated “VIP” areas.
  • Track on-site attendance, buying units and no shows for on-site sales support and post-event reconciliation.

Sponsor Concierge

To help our clients attract additional revenue to their events, we offer this service to ensure you maximize revenue leading into your event and your sponsors have a worry-free experience.

  • Strategize a comprehensive sponsor service plan including package pricing, benefits and sales strategy.
  • Once sponsors are confirmed, provide follow-up to get signed agreements, logos, handouts, shipping, booth materials, etc.
  • Confirm sponsor needs to eliminate confusion and ensure smooth on-site delivery.
  • Develop floor plan and oversee decorator selection and negotiation.
  • Strategize logo placement with existing signs, banners, product orders and on-site displays for maximum exposure.
  • Use industry relationships and volume discounts to order any related sponsor items (tchotchkes, giveaways, etc.).
  • Re-confirm details with sponsors in advance of event.
  • Assign a team member to oversee sponsor support.
  • Oversee on-site execution.

This turnkey service will help you increase profit and visibility, enhance credibility,

reach a larger list, and reduce staff time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Speaker Concierge

This service ensures that your speakers and your staff have a worry-free

experience at your event.

  • Research and confirm speakers, negotiate speaker terms and agreements.
  • Provide follow-up to get signed speaker agreements (where required), including arrival/departure, stage set-up, meal needs, audiovisual, transportation (as needed) and handout requirements.
  • Confirm speaker registration, reservations and above needs with staff, hotel/venue, and vendors.
  • Secure handouts and order forms in advance of the event.
  • Confirm handout guidelines, drop times, and related payment terms.
  • Create an easy-to-understand chart for your staff, AV, and accounting support staff detailing schedules and payment requirements.
  • Re-confirm details with speakers in advance of event on-site (including coordinating panel calls).
  • Oversee speaker support, handouts, collation and distribution on-site.
  • Maintain head counts in each session to assist with tallying “close percentages.”
  • Oversee all aspect of product sales development and on-site delivery.

For more information please email us here or call (646) 559-9886.

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