Whether it’s a grand affair or an intimate celebration in a rustic barn, weddings can be potentially stressful. And as the bride, the last thing you want is to sweat the small stuff on your wedding day. Hiring a wedding planner might sound luxurious, but it’s actually pretty standard.

We’ve listed down the ways that a professional wedding planner can save the day.

Stretching Your Budget

The excitement of the wedding can drive brides-to-be to go a little too extravagant. A wedding planner can help you economise without sacrificing your plans. For example, do you really need to serve $350/bottle of wine? Instead, why not thrill your guest with some cheaper local wines. Your wedding planner can determine which small details are worth spending a little more on.

Here are the most significant wedding budgeting mistakes you should avoid.

They’ll Find the Suppliers

From invitations and souvenirs to flowers and entertainers, an experienced wedding planner knows exactly who to call. If they have an established professional relationship, they can likely get great discounts.

Some brides have unique requests, which they don’t know how to attain. An established wedding planner has the connections and resources that can be used to get your requests.

They’ll Keep Everything on Track

In addition to budgeting and handling minute details, like contracts and pre-dinner cocktails, a wedding planner will work on your dream wedding from start to finish. You’ll enjoy the bridal showers, photoshoots, etc. because someone is keeping things on track.

A lot of things can also derail your plans, such as weather and cancellations. A professional wedding planner always has a backup plan. For example, if the singer catches the flu a day before the wedding, your planner will do their best to find the best replacement.

They’ll Serve as the Mediator for Everything

Having a wedding planner streamlines everything for the vendors. Instead of bothering the couple or their family, they’ll just approach the wedding planner.

According to Mariah James of Wedding Cakes Sydney,,” We make it a point that all details will be discussed with the wedding planner if the couple has one. This way, we won’t be confused as to who should make the final decision, and the couple is stress-free.

They’ll Run the Day

Even though the venue has an in-house coordinator, it’s still advised to hire your planner. The venue’s coordinator will likely focus on the food, music, and space—all the details related to the venue only. Hiring a planner ensures there’s someone who will handle all the little details of the wedding day.

Naif Productions knows how to celebrate a wedding. Using our extensive experience, superior attention to detail, and creative alliances, we can give customers the wedding of their dreams. Whether the wedding happens in a posh hotel event, a picturesque backyard or a romantic destination, we can tailor it to your personality and taste.

So, book us now for a streamlined and stress-free event.


This article was written by Eliza Kennedy.

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