When planning a wedding, going wedding cake tasting is probably the one activity everyone enjoys. A whole afternoon tasting and trying different dessert options, what’s not to love? Still, don’t underestimate this appointment. After all, the cake makes a big impression on everyone. And there’s much more to cake tasting than trying all the samples. But, to have a successful wedding cake testing day, you need to keep these tips in mind. 

1. Have an Idea of Flavor and Style

When it comes to wedding cake flavors, the sky’s the limit. A baker could create a carrot cake or red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, berries. The options are endless. If you don’t know the route you want to take, it can be nearly impossible to choose the one. 

Come with a general idea of the style of cake you want at your wedding and the flavors you’re looking for. Ask yourself whether you want a vanilla cake with add-ons or you prefer a decadent chocolate cake instead. Perhaps you like fruit cakes, so lemon and berries are more your flavors. 

2. Don’t Go On an Empty Stomach

Much like you shouldn’t go to the supermarket on an empty stomach, the same applies here. Try to have a snack before your cake tasting appointment. Otherwise, every cake you taste will be a little bite of heaven, even if deeper down you hate it. 

Not to mention, all the sugar high might make you feel light-headed and nauseous, so the opposite happens, and you’ll hate all the flavors you try. 

3. Taste the Frosting Too

Some bakers will prepare the whole cake much like you’ll serve it at your wedding. Others will provide you with cake samples and frosting samples separately so you can mix and match. In any case, you want to taste all the “fluff” of the cake. 

The frosting, sprinkles, truffles, fruits, and any added element make the cake a whole. Doing this will help you identify if there’s a specific thing you don’t like about the cake versus ruling out the entire cake as a whole. 

4. Consider the Weather

As you’re narrowing down your pick, think about the weather and setting for your climate. You might fall in love with a frosted wedding cake. But, if your wedding is outdoors, odds are the frosting won’t make it until it’s time to cut the cake. Frosted cakes don’t do well outdoors, so you might need to go with a naked-style wedding cake instead. 

Likewise, if the weather is too cold, a buttercream might get a bit too stiff. You might need to defrost your cake before cutting it and serving it to guests if you want to maintain the creaminess of the buttercream. 

5. Drink Plenty of Water in Between Tastings

Finally, you need to come prepared to drink plenty of water. To help cleanse your palette in between cake flavors and styles, drinking a glass of water can help. Avoid drinking wine, champagne, or coffee in between tastings, as these beverages can enhance or dampen the flavor of some ingredients and cake versions. 

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This article was written by Geraldine Orentas, a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with designer silverware wholesaler Silver Superstore.

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