Whether it’s for a wedding, a bucks/hen’s night, a homecoming party, or a debut, selecting a venue for your event is always a deal-breaker. With the attendees in mind, one must not settle for the budget alone. Inexperienced organizers have time and again failed to consider other details, which may seem minor but could become a headache when overlooked.

Lucky for you, we have elaborated the ultimate checklist in choosing a venue for the celebration you’re looking forward to..

Budget vs. Cost

Always check your budget before sealing the deal in an event’s space. If the cost is higher, a little compromise could be taken if there are bonus factors such as free parking space, nice overlooking view, near public transport road, etc.

Noah Tran a Car Leasing Specialist at Novalease—a Novated Car Leasing Company shares, “As much as possible, keep a strict budget on the venue so you could splurge on the food. A good practice is to check current venue market prices as a benchmark before meeting a site manager. Remember, it wouldn’t hurt to negotiate. It would also help to be flexible on your event dates. Some days cost lower depending on the season.”


The last thing you would want is for your friends to miss your wedding vows. Plot your venue in a convenient location.

Always consider the following:

  • Is it near a public transport road/terminal?
  • Is it near the airport?
  • Is there heavy traffic four hours from the event?
  • Is there a valet service?
  • Is there a parking space/option?

For significant events, providing your valet is a wise move. You could also check a nearby vacant or parking lot to be reserved only for your guests. If some members are unfamiliar with the place, send them a pinned map location ahead of the event. They would thank you for it.

Room Capacity And Layout

In choosing the venue’s room capacity and layout, consider the following;

  • What is the expected number of guests?

The number of guests is probably the most crucial factor in planning an event. More guests mean you need a larger room while a lesser one requires a smaller one.

  • What is the room capacity of the event area, including the lobby and breakout rooms?

Choose a venue where the attendees could comfortably move around, but just enough to avoid looking sparsely attended. Always check the usable space and recommended capacity with the venue manager. It’s also good practice to check the availability and capacity of the lobby and breakout rooms.

  • What is the room design/layout?

Consider a sudden change of weather. If an event is to be held outdoors, ensure an alternative indoor space in case of heavy rain.

Services And Amenities

Below are the things you need to consider in checking out the venue’s services and amenities.

  • Does the venue provide catering?

Some venues also offer Food and Beverage (F&B) and may require minimum spending. Negotiate for a complimentary service if you could provide more than the minimum, e.g., free Wi-Fi access. Should you opt to have an outside food provider, check first if the venue has a list of preferred vendors.

  • Does the venue provide tables, chairs, and linens?

It would be convenient to scratch these items on your list if the venue could lend their own. However, be sure to check first if what they have would match with what you need.

  • Does the venue have A/V set-ups?

You’ll have another saving if the venue has built-in audio-visual equipment. Don’t forget to include this during negotiations.

  • Is the venue’s style/architecture appropriate for your event?

Every celebration or gathering has different needs. Dinner is different from a party. Likewise, a gala has more unique needs than a baby shower.

  • Are there restrictions on noise, etc.?

In retrospect, it would be disastrous if a nearby event is louder than your conference. Always check the acoustics and quality of the sound. See to it that it’s neither inaudible nor too full.

Where To Find Help With Your Event Or Wedding Venue?

No matter how much you plan for a perfect event or wedding, chances are, some things somehow manage to ruin them.

Naif Productions and their award-winning planners can flawlessly turn a blow into milestones. Be worry-and-wrinkle-free, starting from the site selection to the actual execution of your upcoming events.

Contact us and our highly skilled organizers will be happy to assist you.


This article was written by Eliza Kennedy.

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