by Annette Naif

Everyone knows that it takes a lot of work to plan an event. One of those important elements is to put as much work into making sure you have captured all of the important elements of your event. Whether you will be taking your own photographs or you have hired a professional photographer, below is a checklist of 6 important photos you will want to have after the event.

The Group Shot photogra

Whether your “group” is committee members, a bridal party, a soccer team, board members, wedding party or the city council, you want to be sure you have group photos of all the important groups/teams involved in producing and executing the event as well as various groups that are in attendance.


Sponsor photos are very important photos to capture! For example, if you have an alcohol sponsor make sure to get a few nice photos of their products at the bar as well as photos of guests drinking their product. This will reinforce how much visibility they received at your event and will prove that their sponsorship was a valuable investment. The more exposure they receive the more it gets their business out to the public thus providing more business for the sponsor. This can also help to persuade them to become a returning sponsor for your next event. No matter what the reason, it can be a nice way to say “thank you” and show that their sponsorship was greatly appreciated.


If there are going to be speakers at your event, whether a few throughout the day or back to back speakers all day, make sure there are plenty of photos taken of each speaker. Try to get at least one “head-shot” type pose that you can use on your website or in your event materials. It is also important to get plenty of “action” shots. If the speaker brings people up on stage or use on-stage props/materials, these moments can also make for interesting photos.

Important Moments

Important moments can vary based on the type of event (cutting the wedding cake, award ceremonies, speeches, entertainment, etc.). Since everyone involved in production is usually tied up making sure the event is managed and executed efficiently, it is essential to discuss these moments prior to the event with the photographer and provide the photographer with an event schedule so they can be as prepared as possible to capture the right photos.

Program and Event Collateral

Marketing, marketing, marketing! It is important to keep future events in mind when taking photos. Photos of programs, signage and banners, and any branded materials can be used in many marketing materials. These photos can also be very helpful when planning your next event, giving you something to look back on and reference.

The Line Outside

Everyone likes to look back at their photos and see how popular their event was. After all of the work that goes into planning the event it is extremely gratifying to see the line of people who showed up to see what you have pulled off! Most of the time, the event producer doesn’t get a chance to see these moments in real-time, so they have to rely on photos to see the parts they missed. Although “the line outside” may not apply to your particular event, it would be the same to take photos of large crowds. You want to show a full room and a large number of attendees. This can also be a huge determining factor when going after sponsors. Sponsors are usually looking for visibility so if you can show them large groups of people and event anticipation you will have the upper hand when it comes to bringing in sponsors for your next event.

As with every aspect of a successful event it comes down to being prepared. Be sure to discuss all the important moments that you want captured prior to the event with your photographer. The right photographs will assist you with analyzing what worked and what didn’t work and will help you to be all the more prepared and successful at your next event. Quality event photographs will also give you a personal touch on marketing materials that you may want to put together as well. Last but not least, be sure to hire the right photographer that has experience with the type of event you are hosting.


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