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Rock and Soul Band – E3

Rock & Soul BandRock and Soul is the most interactive, energetic, and versatile band in the world of Entertainment. With the power of a NJ-based Rock & Roll band combined with the industry’s best soul performers, this musical act has quickly found their rightful place amongst the most requested bands for private events. This unique talent collective is comprised of 4 guitarists who also sing, 4 beautiful female vocalists, a 3-5 piece horn section, and an all-star rhythm section. They can play any style of music…and play it well! This unparalleled versatility allows Rock & Soul to cover an enormous range of music from artists such as: AC/DC, Frank Sinatra, Bon Jovi, Donna Summer, The Temptations, Lynard Skynard, Eric Clapton, Justin Timberlake, The Jackson 5, Dave Matthews, The Doobie Brothers, Jimmy Hendrix, U2 and all of your favorite performers! Also, with the addition of their Electric Violin player, they can boast a legitimate Country Music repertoire.

The combined experience of the band makes for an impressive resume. The band members have performed with artists such as: Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Bruce Springsteen, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kool & the Gang, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez to name a few. As Bandleader and Event Host, Tony Defabritus leads this powerhouse act and will ensure that your event is an unforgettable celebration! Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate or any type of social event, Rock & Soul will leave your guests talking about how you exceeded their expectations.  

Tuff Text

Tuff TxtTuffTXT, It’s the most important tool you can use to engage your audience. TuffTXT is a texting platform designed as an audience response system that runs on your audience’s personal cell phones. This is more robust than traditional systems because it has the ability to handle open ended questions, games, and competitions as well as traditional polling. All without requiring the expense and hassle of traditional systems. TuffTXT is the next evolution of audience/client interaction.




Brett Culprit

Brett Culp has become well known in the industry as an “Event Storyteller.” He works with clients and event producers to develop short films that communicate the heart and soul of an event. He is an expert at uncovering the emotional themes of an event and bringing them to life for guests on the big screen. He is a secret weapon for bringing an event to life and connecting on every level, creating an experience that the audience never forgets.

Check In Easy


  • Check in guests on multiple iPads/iPhones and the web
  • Just upload an Excel file and you’re ready to go.
  • The guest list app makes managing check-in at your event lightning fast and simple.
  • Check In Easy comes with 50 free guests & is perfect for special events, corporate parties, conventions, churches, fundraisers & night clubs. Unique boarding pass technology lets planners send an email with a unique barcode…


Aqualilies Aqualillies is America’s hottest water ballet entertainment company, reinventing the classic art form for the new millennium. Diving off the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, The New York Times and LA Times Magazine, the Aqualillies brand has become synonymous with classic beauty, sexy sophistication, luxury and style. In front of the camera or at live events for clients such as Glee, Justin Timberlake, The Kardashians, Turner Classic Movies, TED Conferences and American Express, Aqualillies has inspired audiences with awesome and innovative spectacles of romance, athleticism and grace.







Time Lapse with GoPro


How to Timelapse with a GoPro
How to Timelapse with a GoPro

The Broadway Dolls

Broadway Dolls The Broadway Dolls is a 90 minute theatrical concert event starring the most gorgeous women from Broadway. Singers and dancers of the highest caliber, these magnificent starlets of the stage bring a diverse and imaginative catalog of Broadway and popular music to life in this one-of-a-kind musical event.  Songs you love with a sexy and unique spin, audiences get a rare glimpse into the life of a woman of the Broadway stage – performing songs they originated on Broadway, as well as reinvented classic pop tunes as you’ve never seen or heard before. Audiences can expect to hear a range of songs from classic Broadway to current pop/rock including “Toxic” by Britney Spears, “Baby I’m a Star” by Prince and a medley of reinvented female standards from the musical theatre cannon.






Casa Bubble CasaBubble proposes its full range of Bubbles for your private or business events. Thanks to its rental modular Bubbles collection, CasaBubble makes available its know-how to serve your event. CasaBubble or one of our partners comes and installs our wonderful structures on your event location. Our casabubbles will be the ideal opportunity for a:

  • Business executive convention
  • Private trade talk area on a fair booth
  • V.I.P. cocktail bar or reception lounge
  • Cosy diner under a stary sky
  • Art exhibition
  • New product launch
  • Catering corner
  • Private movie theater

The CasaBubble structures have different dimensions and can be endlessly associated!

Celebrity Autobiography

Celebrity Autobiography Created and developed by Emmy award nominated writer-performer Eugene Pack and Dayle Reyfel, “Celebrity Autobiography” features a first rate comedic ensemble performing from the actual memoirs of a wide range of celebrities. The passages run the gamut from the “poetry” of Suzanne Somers to the shocking “romance tips” from Tommy Lee to the most famous Hollywood love triangle in history – Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds, and Eddie Fisher. And what’s remarkable and unforgettably hilarious – It’s all in their own words. Running for three sold out years in New York; “Celebrity Autobiography” won the 2009 Drama Desk Award in the category of Unique Theatrical Experience and the 2010 Bistro Awards. The show has been one of the most critically acclaimed productions ever in the Off-Broadway scene and one of the most “buzzed about shows” of recent years. 

Cirque Mechanics – Gantry Bike

Cirque Mechanics - Gantry Bike The pedal driven device is a self-contained circus spectacular. The Gantry Bike is a moving stage – like structure able to display both aerial and ground acts, while clearly demonstrating and making the relationship between machine and performer (the cornerstone of Cirque Mechanics) part of the entertaining spectacle.


The Gantry Bike allows for an up close and intimate viewing experience.  Two drivers pedal and maneuver the twenty foot high truss structure through the festival crowds while an aerialist swings and spins suspended high above the audience, her height controlled by a third driver on the vertical pedal unit.  A contortionist twists a top the 10′ high round Plexiglas table.  An acrobat climbs and balances on the Chinese pole and a juggler throws and manipulates his props on the front lower platform, inches from the audience members.

The moving mechanical Gantry Bike offers a theatrical circus experience, lighting fixtures and sound speakers are strategically placed to play original music and provide spot lights for night time performances.

Bar Candy

Bar Candy

Present to your guests the first-ever Edible Cocktail! Bar Candy® patented edible champagne/martini glasses are made from the highest quality Belgium chocolate. The glass is a cross between an elegant champagne flute, and a sophisticated martini glass. Chocolate edible varieties range from dark, milk, white, and white chocolate marbled. The white chocolate can be dyed most colors. The sky’s the limit when it comes to matching color, theme, flavor, etc. Whether you choose to use Bar Candy® for champagne (most popular), or use them for specialty cocktails, Bar Candy® will steal the show, as they are the first of their kind, offering a parade of color and elegance.






Cupcake Pod Machine

  Cupcake Pod Machine

The pod machine is now only available to rent for events, with a 1,000 cupcake minimum for five hours, which fills half the machine. Make a selection between either 1,000 standard variety cupcakes for $4,200 or 1,000 custom cupcakes for $4,300. Up your game by ordering 2,000 minis for $5,000 or $5,200, depending on which cakes you order. Any additional cupcakes go for $1.30 each.Along with the machine, renters will receive an iPad stand, tokens for the machine, a recycling bin and a Baked by Melissa employee to be on hand throughout the event. The pricing also includes both pick-up and delivery within the five boroughs of the city. If you are interested in renting the machine, visit the Baked by Melissa Website.







Bronkar Lee Bronkar Lee is the world’s only rhythmic juggling beatboxer! He blends music, comedy, raw skill and contagious energy in a way that you’ve never before experienced. His one man “circus of sound” is unbelievably just a mouth and a body full of pulsing rhythmic energy, and combined with charismatic audience interaction, this is a show that will leave you in awe. International superstar and multiple world record holder, Bronkar Lee, has honed his craft with appearances all over the United States, Canada and Europe. He performs as a featured act on Disney cruise lines, and for colleges, corporate events, concerts and theaters. He has also been featured on television programs such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, America’s got Talent, Good Day Sacramento, Winnipeg’s Global TV and Univision’s Don Francisco Presents. Bronkar’s show isn’t just a performance it’s an interactive experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Company Men

The Company Men One of the hottest new singing groups in Southern California, The Company Men bring together a unique blend of talent, personality and showmanship that harkens back to an earlier era, while pushing the boundaries of today’s current sound. Daniel Tatar, Shawn Peruca, Stuart Ambrose and Brian Purcell have joined together to create “timeless hits. today’s sound,” a concert  spanning the music of six decades. From the magic of 1950s doo-wop with “Little Bitty Pretty One” by Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers, to the Motown era of the 60’s with the Four Tops’ “Reach Out,” up through yesterday’s and today’s most popular artists such as John Lennon, Michael Bublè, John Legend, Maroon 5 and more. These modern gentlemen stand apart from other groups with their intricate four-part harmonies, sharp choreography and new interpretations of classic and current hits. These men have performed throughout the world, from the Hawaiian Islands to the Canary Islands, and look forward to bringing their show to you!


BrightBoxBrightBox offers secure charging stations that enable event guests to stash and recharge their phones. Event attendees simply swipe a credit card to open a chamber, plug their phone in to charge it, and then leave to dine, see entertainment and so on while the phone is charging. Swiping the same card later lets the guest retrieve the phone. The stations charge virtually all phones–Android, iPhone, Blackberry and more–quickly, the manufacturer says, and the system never accesses any data on the phone. Venues using the stations can increase guest satisfaction and drive social media about the event.



The Lucky Pin

Bring the bowling alley to your event! Contact Perfect Parties USA for the East Coast and Plan-It Interactive for the West Coast.












Recharging Oasis

This lounge provides guests with comfortable seating and outlets so that you can recharge your tablets and phones.










Dear World

Dear World is a photography movement that Robert Forgarty started. He first wanted to take photos of “love notes” for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. People write a message on their hands or arms. The power of these photos have taken off. This could be a cool thing to do at the start of an event, then show it all compiled near the end.






Popex is a giant shipping container that can be turned into a logo’ed lounge or pop-up store. It’s an eco-friendly way to re-purpose something “old” for something new.





Xylobands are LED-lit wristbands that can sync with rhythms – they are great for concerts. Logos can be printed on them, and they were first seen at a Coldplay concert.








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