by Annette Naif

About Entertainment
Danny Bergold (424) 201-5428
Scott Fields, Craig Hendry, Liam McLachlan and Jason Short make up the unique group. Offering a blend of pop and opera they take classical sound and make it their own.

Blake Band
E Three NYC
Evan Tyler (212) 354-6460
Playing music from the 1920’s through today’s hits the Blake Band makes any corporate or wedding a true experience.

Brett Culp
Brett Culp Films
Brett Culp (813)-600-5086
Brett is a digital filmmaker that has a gift of bringing to life moving and heartening stories. As he says “I am passionate about real stories with inspirational messages. My work is about reminding us of the beauty within our own stories and in the stories around us.”

Chameleon Chair Collection
Jerry Smolar (301) 787-9200
Chameleon Chairs prides themselves on being the trendsetter for the industry, bringing cutting-edge style to their products. With continuous growth and launch of new designs there is a chair to suit all event needs.

Check in Easy
Justin Baer (401) 935-1999
Simply using your tablets, iphones or androids using Check in Easy you can seamlessly check in large or small groups for events. This is simplifies and speeds up a process that can be messy and chaotic.

Cirque Mechanics
Chris Lashua (702) 812-8362
Using innovative mechanical staging Cirque Mechanics has a unique twist to its performances. It was said “The shows, roots in realism, display a raw quality rarely found in the modern circus, that makes their message timeless and relevant.

Cupcake Art
Baked by Melissa
(212) 842-0220
Based around the idea that people should be able to taste multiple flavors and not have the guilt that comes with it. Melissa made this possible with her bite size cupcake treats that come in endless flavors.

Circle T Designs

Cindy Thompson (503) 704-6995
The Holsters created by Cindy Thompson and her team are what she calls “functional and fashionable.” The idea is to have everything you need when you need it while running an event.  With many colors and sizes there is a style for every personality.

Fire Wire
Jade Kindar – Martin 33(0)
Jade Kindar – Martin has been wire walking since he was 14 years old and has spent years breaking records and preforming worldwide.  Fire Wire is a unique one of a kind performance where Jade Kindar- Martin takes wire walking to the next level.

Dynamic Drape & Décor
Carter Timmins (917) 654-2119
Starting with a bank canvas of 3-dimensional 2′ x 2′ squares, FormSet can mold your event to be exciting and different. The flexible design of the plastic squares allow for a quick tool free assembly. Lighting accents the squares making many design possibilities.

Fortune Products
Bob Kocher Jr. (800) 345-4833
Offering many creative and fun lighting options Fortune Products allows you mobility with their battery-powered creations. Most products have the option of adding branding for an extra touch and can be used as a unique and functional design element in events.



(888) 600-4659
GoPro captures unique experiences and moments. They offer vast products that can be attached to almost anything to capture pictures and video.


Gypset Event Artisans
At Gypset, we combine 50 years of diverse cultural and creative ­backgrounds. Our passion for life, memorable experiences and ­creativity is the driving force ­behind our company. Our philosophy is to experience and not just see. Feel rather than touch. Make instead of buy.

Jason Latimer
Latimer FX, Inc.
Jason Latimer (818) 292-2492
Jason has a resume that staggers most academic professionals and illusionists around the world. With a adept gift for grasping sciences across multiple fields and more awards for performance than many accumulate in a lifetime, he has defined himself as truly one of a kind.

Event Show Productions
Dorene Collier (813) 251-8866
Lyrian incorporates light and sound into an engaging performance. Event Show Productions team created LED suits bright enough to work in any environment using wireless technology and cutting edge programing to increase mobility and performance flexibility.

Cort Event Furnishings
Tony Valdez (702) 531-2232
Adjustable height mobile tablet stand is offered in black or white and compatible with standard iPads and tablets up to .375″ thick. Key locks for added security. Plug-in functionality allows charging or battery use with A/C or USB. Charging shelf, brochure attachment and mobile printer holder are also available.

About Entertainment
Danny Bergold (424) 201-5428
MOLODI is a performance ensemble that takes body percussion to the extreme. Using their bodies as instruments, MOLODI blends collegiate stepping, tap, gumboots, beatbox, poetry and hip hop dance with guerilla theatre and robust personalities that bring to life a high-energy, rhythmic experience.

Tuff Chix

Ameka Jane (818) 425-0730
Paige Hemmis has never been afraid to take risks and get her hands dirty. Born in Wisconsin and raised in Chatsworth, California, she developed a passion and drive to excel at all she did, believing anything was possible.


Painted Floral Art/Paper Floral Art
Raining Rose Productions, Inc.
Rebeca Torres (407) 854-3500
Chicago based designer, Jesus Rodriguez founded Raining Roses Productions Inc. with his partner Jonathan Panczuk in 2001. Raining Roses celebrates many kinds of occasions and corporate events with our clients, including: elegant dinner parties, baby or bridal shower, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary and weddings.  Some services include event design, hand painted backdrops and aisle runners and custom design elements.


Pixel Performance
idea hunterThe Idea Hunter
Janice Cardinale (416) 576-3506
Janice Cardinale, The Idea Hunter, has been hunting, networking and sharing ideas with industry professionals for over a decade. Her passion, energy and drive is infectious. Just a few of her specialties are consumer marketing, retail and trade show events, promotional events, product and service launches, charity and fundraising events, red carpet events.

Scott Bloom

Command Performance
Ben Carrizzo (631) 544-0333
A professional comedian who has hosted hundreds of cooperate events and headlined at many of the nations top comedy clubs, Scott Bloom can custom tailor his unique brand of showmanship to meat you needs.


Event Show Productions
Dorene Collier (813) 251-8866
Witness the amazing art of Shapeology as professional shapeologists create silhouette shadow shapes cast on an expansive white screen. Modern dance and artistic movement are the glue of this entrancing performance laced with interesting shadows, forms, props and your own unique story. Created just for your event, our choreographers, creative and technical directors will produce a customized performance

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys
Peter Keiser (615) 483-7458
Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, these brothers have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the quickest rising acts in Roots music. When asked why the brother became so enamored with the style of the music, Tommy says, “probably because it’s so unique. There’s really not any other kind of music that’s similar to it.

Stale Bread Lights
Using actual bread made from hard flour, weak flour and yeast, Japanese designer Morita Yukiko has created an unusual series of lamps called “Pampshade”. Illuminated by a battery-powered LED inside, the Pampshades can be used anywhere you want since they don’t need to be plugged in.

Stephanie Crowley
Chrysalis Studios, Inc.
Stephanie Crowley (949) 610-5565
As a graphic recorder, I create murals Live during group events to capture the meeting content, conversation, strategy and brainstorming.” These murals capture the group wisdom in real time as the conversation unfolds and is a highly visual format utilizing text, illustrations and layout.


Parsa Zadeh (301) 273-2919
StiloGaurd is a revolutionary product that was specifically designed and engineered to allow high heels to be worn with ease on soft surfaces, like grass and sand, without any chance of sinking.

Brian Shaugnessy (717) 203-4024
SuperLevel continues to amaze with yet another use! It’s the Duck tape of modular solutions, one product, millions o uses. Need a quick ground supported column with no additional hardware? No problem! You can snap together the Pippa Xscape, or Cover panels and keep stacking.

Table Experience
Event Décor Direct
Jackellyn Trinh (909) 758-0349
Unlike many other companies that sell decor products, we are not offering cheap trinkets and junk. Our products are “field tested” and are designed for the rigors of commercial use. Whether you are a hotel, banquet hall, club, restaurant, trade show participant, wedding decorator, bride or more, we trust you’ll find that your purchase represents the highest quality and best value available on the market.

Event Show Productions
Dorene Collier (813) 251-8866
TellAVision is a live performance art conceived and developed by Dorene Collier and AJ LeBlanc of Event Show Productions. Though these two of research, they created and developed a concept that has never been seen before. A moving story book using wireless technology incorporating video screens joined with live performers, thus to “tell a vision.”

The Cube
Open Air Photobooth
Nick Andrews (805) 898-9751
Open Air Hashtag Printer software – With this application, The Cube is transformed into a standalone, self-service machine to collect, apply branding, display and print images from Twitter and Instagram. Hashtag marketing can be used to promote a specific event, a brand / marketing campaign, or a personality.

Kimberly Spallone (646) 738-4112
Thuzio provides an online platform that connects the public with professional athletes who have achieved the highest levels of excellence in their profession. Thuzio Pro’s provide a wide variety of experiences including coaching, social dinners and lunches, game watch and analysis, corporate speaking, client entertaining and events, celebrations including Birthday parties and Bar Mitzvah’s, flag football, golf outings, and charity event hosting and auction items.

Nick Ryan (717) 650-5232
Acting as the nerve center for the domain of Xpogo, Xpogo LLC manages multiple brands, a premier global performance team, a decade-old renowned annual competition, professional athletes, a high-traffic website, and worldwide public relations for Xpogo. Additionally, Xpogo LLC facilitates strategic partnerships between the many different industries tied to Xpogo. Xpogo LLC has developed and nurtured strong support in the form of athletes, manufacturers, media partners, scientists and inventors, fitness experts, and fans across the world.

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