by Annette Naif


Trend #12 – The Ring

Brides are shying away from the traditional engagement ring. The latest tweak on tradition include cool cuts, intricate settings, dazzling different tints and modern styles that forgo the solitaire altogether. A platinum setting and simple diamond are no longer the norm. Bigger is better. Vintage is back. Lots of color, mix metals, art deco and different shapes are all the rage.

Trend #11 – Celebrity Inspirations

Many brides are inspired by celebrities. Kate Middleton wowed the world with her dramatic silhouette and demure sleeves. Old Hollywood stars have been a popular inspiration for years. Marilyn Monroe was known for wearing halter tops. To add a modern touch to this famous look, wear loose curls in your hair and avoid heavy lines. Be yourself and you might be an inspiration to others. 

Trend #10 – Cover Ups 

Boleros, shrugs, capelets or other covers ups are a popular way to transform your wedding gown. These are a great way to add your own person al touch. If you love a strapless gown but are worried about showing too much skin, a cover up can add some class and style. If you want to make a statement, choose a cover up in a color matching your wedding palette. Black, jewel tones and faux fur are particularly popular.

Trend #9 – Short & Sweet

More brides are looking to keep it short. Gowns that are high in the front and low in the back are very popular. Short can be less formal but adding elements like lace and caped sleeves will ensure it’s perfectly bridal. Lace always adds a traditional touch. Short is ideal for those brides who want to move a lot on their wedding day. Brocade fabric is perfect for the bride who wants to get that rat pack era vibe – popular for formal in the 60s. With a short dress, there is no bustling or heavy fabric to way the bride down.

 Trend #8 – Perfect Do, Perfect Day

When it comes to hair, brides want more and nothing does this better than hair extensions. Clip-ins are a great way to accomplish fuller hair without putting your own hair at risk. I advise hiring a professional hair stylist. A dramatic gown is perfect with dramatic hair transforming you from ordinary to extraordinary. Only your imagination limits your hairstyles thanks to hair extensions.

Trend #7 – Own Your Theme

Sometimes standard tradition isn’t quite enough. Some surprise family and friends with a themed wedding. Bohemian is very popular right now. The look is loose and deconstructed. Work your signature style into it. Head bands and jewels are a nice touch with this theme. For a fantasy theme, find tasteful ways to incorporate the theme. It’s a wedding not Halloween. Vintage stores have interesting items that are great for themed weddings. If making your own accessories, keep an eye out for scale and proportion. The bride should always be the focal point, not the unique details.

Trend #6 – Brilliant Bouquets

Bouquets can do more than compliment the bride, they can be a nod to the groom. A hint of your fiancés hobby into the bouquet can bring attention to both of you. If your fiancé likes hunting, add arrows to the bouquet. When the bride’s father is not around to walk her down the isle, incorporating something like the epaulet of her father’s shirt on the stem of the bouquet is a nice touch.

Trend #5 – Bling Is The Thing

Brides have always wanted sparkle or as it’s known now – bling – in their wedding. Some want to be dripping in shimmer. This can be done through the gown, veil, accessories, shoes, crown and bouquet. Remember you want to enhance, not distract. Find the perfect silhouette first then bring in the accessories. They can dazzle any dress. To up the wow factor, add crystals in unexpected spots such as sparkle crystal pins in-between the ruffle of a dress or adding glittery shoes for a similar affect.

Trend #4 – Pretty In Ink

Tattoos are no longer the taboo they used to be. Just because your inked doesn’t mean you can’t look traditional on your wedding day. Want a more conservative look for the ceremony, use a veil to cover without obscuring your art completely then loose the veil for the reception and show your tats proudly. Brides who want to show off her ink should choose a dress that compliments it. An asymmetrical neck line can enhance an arm tattoo. Flowers on a dress will compliment your flower tattoos. 

Trend #3 – Blush Is The New White

Until recently, wearing a wedding gown in an off-white or ivory hue was the exception rather than the rule; however, the paradigm has shifted. Blush color brides are very popular right now. When accomplishing a blush gown, you can use either silver or gold accessories. Just make sure they compliment your hair and skin tones. Pair a blush color gown with vintage-style accessories for a stunning look.

Trend #2 – Looks That Honor

Wearing an heirloom gown down the isle is a great way to continue family tradition. If a bride does not like the gown, taking portrait pictures in the gown before the wedding can still keep the tradition alive while allowing the bride to wear the gown of her dreams down the isle. Adding a symbolic color is another sentimental way to incorporate a loved one. Tying bows of your mother’s favorite color or adding your father’s military patch inside your dress next to your heart will make your wedding day event more special.

Trend #1 – Surprise Second Look

Nowadays brides want a different, bolder, sexier look for her reception look. Go classic with the ceremony and save the stunner for the reception. Make sure they the looks are different. If you are changing dresses, find a quick an easy way to mix up your hair and make up for a completely different new style. Shed the conservative ceremony look by letting your down and changing your lip color. Not everybody has the budget for two gowns but you can have two looks with the same gown to be dressed up or down. It’s fun to have a second look but plan it properly so you’re not away from your party for too long.

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