Sales is an act of service. Unfortunately, its intrusive nature means it’s not always viewed that way. However, the fundamental concept of sales is clear: You have a service or product to provide. If this product or service is a solution to a problem for the consumer, you should be selling it.

Your act of service is the simple selling of the solution to a common consumer problem. 

Still, some finessing of your sales messaging is required.

Setting Clear Intentions

Clearly articulate the value of the product or service you’re selling. People want to invest, they just don’t know what they want to invest in yet. For example, instead of going out to a restaurant, people are spending money on online cooking classes. 

It’s not that the general public has stopped spending, it’s that they are shifting how they spend. If you sell your product or service online in addition to your brick and mortar store, now is the ideal time to pivot to an online storefront. Consider your audience and consider your product/service. Then, consider how to more easily put that product/service in front of them.

Pivoting to E-Commerce

More and more people are looking to move their business online — no matter what it is. This is especially true in the education sphere. Teaching remotely creates an opportunity to reach a wider audience and learning remotely means you can do it from the comfort of your home.

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Creating a business is not about that one time purchase, it’s about establishing a lifetime customer. Consider customer decision-making habits and research practices. Understanding the sales funnel and familiarizing yourself with the buying process is key. 

We know that price, branding, and product clarity play a huge role in the decision to buy. So, it’s okay to begin your business with lower prices to attract your ideal audience and gradually increase those prices as your audience grows.

Reaffirm Value 

Essential items will always take priority over luxury items when money is tight. Thus, when speaking to the client, messaging should center around how and why your product is an essential. See this as a non-negotiable standard.

Take business coaching for example. At face value, it may not seem like an essential service, but that’s not necessarily true. It can be framed as a service that helps entrepreneurs keep their business afloat. You won’t see the result you will have without having someone in your corner. The value being gained is greater than the price they are paying. 

So many people are thinking about what they are going to do with their life right now as many have lost their job. Many may be thinking that working at home is way more fun than working in a corporate office. If they really really want to make a change, speak to their deeper why. Your services are essential but it’s important to understand tangible results vs. intangible results.

A tangible result is a clear, present reward that can be witnessed by others. (Example: I entered a relationship, and now I have a husband.)

An intangible result is more introspective, and often refers to emotional/mental rewards. (Example: I enrolled in a wellness program and I feel so much happier in my body. I have never felt more confident. I know I’m living in my purpose.)

Money has not disappeared! There are trillions of dollars circulating, they’re just being distributed through different channels.

Your job is to keep showing up consistently and delivering massive value. Show up and give people a taste of what you have to offer. People will see you as an expert and want to invest in you. Instagram stories, videos, emails, and other various social media will help you stay connected to that audience. 

You need to send out at least 10 touch points per day, making yourself (and your business) a regular fixture in the consumer’s life. 

Stay Collected

Now is not the time to freak out and slash your prices. Your business is an act of service. You are here to help people. Even if you just sell a coffee cup, it will put a smile on someone’s face. Lean into the principle of abundance. Scaling a business is about finding a way to serve more people. Be strategic about how you can serve them too. Your business isn’t failing just because everyone is not investing at the get-go. The vast amount of people who follow you will never buy from you. Trust that the right people will show up.

The way you should sell is to accentuate value. During the process, make these items part of your mission statement:

  • Communicate your services/product as an essential. 
  • Diversify your product selection. 
  • Zero-in on what your audience needs right now. 
  • Consider their biggest problem at the moment. 
  • Remember that sales is not stealing or icky, it’s an act of service. So get out there and serve.

Keep showing up, delivering massive value, and pivoting to solve the greatest need your clients have. 

Lastly, note the significance of personalization. Reach out to people, invite them to talk. Help them understand that you know them, you see them, and you care about them. Sales is about relationships.

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